Belize 2019 - poverty resolutions

Support our Belize 2019 Project by joining us for our Designer Bag Bingo and Vendor night on June 15, 2019.

Grace Community Church is looking forward to another year of partnering with Poverty Resolutions in support of orphans and families living in poverty.  This year we are especially excited to be a part of helping Poverty Resolutions establish their presence

in a new country: Belize

Of the nearly 360,000 people living in Belize, 43% live below the poverty line, and 16% live in extreme poverty.  Our team from Grace this year will have the opportunity to serve communities in Belize through construction, kids and community programs, and medical services

For more info on Poverty Resolutions go to

Learn more about poverty resolutions programs

We are privileged to be able to support a variety of Poverty Resolutions projects with our trips, partnerships, and sponsorships.  Click the images below for info on some of Poverty Resolutions' projects in Haiti, and get info on how you can support them.